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Here are some examples: Which was rather ironic because Turner was a fairly young guy who never actually experienced the s. This may be because the mids represented the high point of the British Empire before the Boer War took the gloss off and the Great War began its decline, and where Queen Victoria celebrated sixty years of her reign. Yes, Bully! One could argue that this is justified because it is not reallybut a "recreation" staged by the village elders. But as a result of today's general unfamiliarity with the period works set in the s or s may make their setting indistinguishable from the stereotypical Gay Nineties.

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Sports-wise, the Victorian Football League broke off from the Victorian Football Association ingrowing into one of the most followed and watched leagues in the nation, and today is slowly encroaching into what is traditionally Rugby League territory.

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But at the same time, machines first generated alternating current on a commercial basis, movies lit up in earnest, and radio messages first crackled through space. Example of: The effects of the Civil War were over, just in time for America to be caught up in the Spanish-American War, with expansionist consequences creating problems that would be felt to this day.

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