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Next, Romeo sits back and lets Sean ride his long hard cock, while Austin sucks on Sean and tries to take him all the way down to the base. Austin feeds him his cock. European muscle hunks Diego Falco and Dirk Turner have a hot bareback fuck fest. Austin grabs onto Justin and his hot hard cock and pumps out his white load. Gay sex machine Dominic Brown gets blown by hot straight boy Mike West. They fuck until hey all get close. Clothes start to come off and slowly the last patrons leave the bar.

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Objects are not where he left them, lights turn on and off by themselves, and it is starting to freak him out.

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Angel can dig it. But he is determined to get fucked. Jordan gives them the target. Justin drops to his knees and starts sucking Austin off. Angel takes it as best as he can, he yells out in pain and delight, and right before he comes, he sees there is a spectra watching both of them. Forgot Username or Password?

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Then Angel sits on Tyler, so that he is distracted while Zane moves in to steal the painting. Enter your username and password. Justin Owen has just arrived into Hollywood from Kansas. He then lifts Justin up while still inside of him and moves to a riding position on the couch. Jordan gives them the target. Next Romeo gets on his knees and starts slurping down Austin and Sean as well.

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