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Hobbits, Elves and Men are the three broad categories that describe our boys. Wasn't there a gay pornstar that became a doctor? Welcome to a world of Gods and Men, filled with the most beautiful men and muscular hunks in a free gay community. I don't think he was ever gay for pay. Let us ease up on the degrading comments guys. To see content click here:

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He looks good bodywise.

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He had a beautiful dick. I'm surprised the company even asked him to model their ugly underwear! That guy that went on to star in a soap opera before his porn past came back to bite him is still alive isn't he? Was he a playgirl centerfold? It's free so why not? Is he openly gay?

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I have no idea what you're talking about. Begin your journey to endless fascination. I think his face is just the result of hard living and deep middle age. More pics of James. He has little boy face in R33 and R

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