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However, Patrick's independence as a character is exactly why he doesn't fit into the GBF trope. Patrick goes through his own struggles, not necessarily with his sexuality but with the outside response to it. As a support character, their story arc often revolves completely around the protagonist and leads to enforcing the stereotype around gay people. For an author it may be an easy way to get a romance plot on the road, but it often looks like lazy writing and characterization. Although the GBF may have started off trying to include gay characters in mainstream popular culture, by now the trope is trailing behind actual social changes to be more open and acceptant of homosexuality. Aside from this, it was also illegal for a long time to be openly gay and gay marriage was only recently legalized in America.

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However, Patrick's independence as a character is exactly why he doesn't fit into the GBF trope. As the need for diversity is given more attention, it is also important to look at our existing uses of diversity and reassess them. Initially this referred to figurative language, the use of a word or phrase for artistic effect, examples being metaphor and hyperbole. The GBF-trope isn't representation but damaging. Tropes are recognizable and can be used to settle the piece of literature in a genre or in a certain time period. Ali basith 7 July at This has also led to the rise of the 'fake GBF', a man who pretends to be gay so he can get emotionally close to a woman he likes in the hope she'll fall in love with him.

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They also hide some very archaic and damaging stereotypes by repackaging them as fun and recognizable, and therefore comfortable. After reading this book I decided that it might be interesting to take a look at some of the most established tropes currently around and have a look at what they really say. The Gay Best Friend also known as GBF was one of the first "token diversity characters" which was embraced with open arms by the audience, in both literature and TV shows. A film, aptly titled GBFdocumented the bizarre chasing after a gay men by the whole female population of an American high school. What is a trope? The GBF-trope isn't representation but damaging.

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