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You had some decent chart action and got a lot of buzz in the gay music world. They watch the boys on weekends that we travel and perform. You sort of presented yourselves early on as this kind of Abercrombie-esque vision, sort of a gay pretty boy ideal. Buying a Home in We had a documentary about us that was on Showtime. We were trying to create the space for us to start a family and not be touring full time. We caught up with them last week by phone.

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Jason and deMarco’s new normal

September 12, at 6: Their comments have been slightly edited for length. Photo by Donat Barbe. The Nuclear Winter of our discontent. Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Acceptance February 11,

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Log into your account. This is a great opportunity for same-sex couples and for anyone who doesn't have the finances to do otherwise. We were traveling back and forth so much to record that we decided to relocate for a year. Robert Jason Nicewarner, who changed his name to "Jason Warner" before becoming a duo with deMarco, is a graduate of Lee University in Tennessee, and comes from a Pentecostal faith background. Seven of the album's twelve songs are written by Jason and deMarco.

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