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The Advocate. I am asking that you vote yes for the inclusion of this minority report into the Democratic platform for two major reasons. Were you afraid at all of identifying yourself in this public way and speaking out about this issue in such a public way? I said, I'm not registered at all. NYU Press. We're going to run you for delegate to the Democratic convention. Orthodox Vision and the Christian Right.

1972 gay rights platform
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Sexual orientations Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual.

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By contrast, the Irvine Values Coalition, the group pushing Measure N, has waged an explicit point-by-point attack on homosexuals in general and on civil rights for the group in particular, often printing graphic claims at length under screaming red headlines. We live in large cities and in small towns, but we are the untouchables in American society. Do your own homework--how does the church's "scorecard" compare to this agenda?

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Pro-N leaders stepped up their charges on Thursday, saying that those opposing the measure had distorted Sen.

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