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Bikers don't need a worse reputation from movies such as this. This film reminded me of a low budget made for TV effort and was as predictable as the day is long. Take the ride, you will be glad that you did. I'm always deeply suspicious when the majority of the highest rated good reviews are from reviewers who have only written the one review for just this one film - and here it seems to be the case. We don't have Oscar material in the least bit, but we have material that will spark laughing riots from the audience time and time again. The freaking explosion in back of them looked like a nuclear bomb.

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I have read a lot of negative response from the same goof-balls that have promoted some very bad movies.

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Travolta, Allen, Lawrence and Macy fit their parts well, and while the story doesn't demand a lot from the actors, they are good as middle-aged professionals tired of their boring lives. The film's theme is a road-trip across America on Harley-Davidson's, with leather jackets "Wild Hogs" is what they call themselves and all the other paraphernalia. We have a nice bit of cinematography to capture some of it, including a nice shot of "death" taking a liking to William H. So what if the story became a bit predictable? Take the ride, you will be glad that you did. The only comedy to surpass this one recently was Borat!

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And writing this review. Lawrence finds his grapes, Tim Allen feels good about himself, Travolta's life still sucks, and Macy gets the girl who he promptly leaves to never return. Wild Hogs seems to just want to make us laugh and show us a good time. Bad acting, stupid stunts and lines are so cheesy. Whether it was the phoned in performances of the four leads, or the asinine plot, or the ham-fisted comedy, or the sense that the joke was one massive gay joke, I can't be sure, but I can't begin to express the depths of my loathing for this paint by numbers mess.

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