Effects of gay marriages on education

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Did our education or income levels influence how we voted in the marriage equality postal survey? Learning how to argue again after an abusive relationship. How to have a respectful same-sex marriage debate and stay true to your beliefs A psychologist's guide on how you can remain cool under pressure when confronted with someone who shares a different opinion. In October, Roy Morgan did a snap poll which showed that Victoria was leading the way, with Research undertaken by American sociologists Amy Armenia and Bailey Troia identified three main voting identifiers - political beliefs, religion and demographics. While age is the biggest indicator of voting intention 79 per cent of 15 to 39 year olds are in favoureducation and religion and the next biggest indicators.

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Same-sex marriage postal survey returns hit

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Effects of Same-Sex Marriage on Massachusetts School Children ACTION ALERT!

She responded by removing her child from the school. Who can blame her? Signout Register Sign in. The following year the elementary school curricula became hostile toward any parents who disagreed. The homosexual marriage onslaught in public schools across the state of Massachusetts began soon after the November court ruling. Parental complaints are either ignored or met with hostility. Their researched showed that the biggest supporters of legalising same-sex marriage in the US were women, younger people, more educated people and people living in urban areas.

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Looking back at public polls on attitudes, Armenia and Troia showed that while certain people have strongly entrenched views and opinions, many people are open to changing their views due to influence, persuasion and evolving social norms. Acceptance of homosexuality is now a matter of good citizenship in Massachusetts! Though the bi-annual survey is unscientific and largely unreliable, it still reveals a disturbing trend among those students who chose to answer the questions in this way — at a minimum implying that such answers are being encouraged. Did our education or income levels influence how we voted in the marriage equality postal survey? Education Degree -

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