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Is it possible that he is a person that has a particular set of beliefs and simply wants what he thinks is best for the country? What sort of friendliness and humanity excuses this blatant and very ill-timed display of hatred??? A few times when the atheist in question began going where nobody should go, then they got yanked. What I got from it was a little different. Marriage, Family, and Society.

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Do not see how the author has any credibility here.

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Speaking Of Homosexuality

A few times when the atheist in question began going where nobody should go, then they got yanked. Want more from the Friendly Atheist? The evidence so far, as the following will show, points solidly toward a significant weakening effect. I care about his actions. Why is it that appeals for decency get labeled and attacked just because it benefits someone you hate? When considering same-sex marriage, then, the question becomes whether it will weaken the marriage institution, strengthen it, or have no impact on it or the culture that benefits from it. Verbal bullying is not the point that was made.

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But Colson saw the nation shifting on the issue, and said that even though evangelicals helped pass the Defense of Marriage Act, they lost at the Supreme Court that same year when the justices struck down a Colorado law that had prevented homosexuals from being considered a protected class. If homosexuality is inborn, it can be viewed like race or gender, putting homosexuals in the same minority status as African Americans or women. When you would excuse any behavior just because it strikes at the same people you hate, what is there left of your integrity? Colson was an evangelical giant and the founder of Prison Fellowship and Breakpoint. No wonder, then, the alleged innateness of homosexuality is bedrock to revisionists. Surely that is how it happens, which is why girlie-type things should be kept far far away from our precious man-children! Here, then, are some key points in defense of the traditionalists who have been charged with ignorance, hatred, and bigotry.